Before we get into the benefits of a salt-free water conditioning system, let’s make one thing clear: salt-free water softeners are not true water softening systems, but are instead water conditioning systems. This doesn’t, however, mean they are not a great substitute for salt-based water softeners–they have a number of benefits, and both provide the benefits of softer water.
Salt-Free systems are designed to descale water in a different way than salt-based solutions. In salt-free solutions, the minerals are still in the water, but their form is changed in a way that makes them unable to stick and adhere to surfaces and pipes.  The minerals that cause hardness in water are converted to crystals that cannot adhere and cause build up, so you get the same benefit without the maintenance and hassles of a traditional water softener.

Saltless systems require less maintenance because they don’t need salt added to them, they don’t use electricity, and there’s no waste water to worry about.  You save money on your electric bill, you don’t need to buy bags of salt, and you don’t have to worry about making sure the electrical valve doesn’t malfunction (as one is not necessary on salt-free solutions). They prevent buildup in showers, sinks, and pipes, and can help keep your appliances running for longer. They also don’t leave your skin feeling as slick as with a salt softening system.

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