I was reluctant to try a salt free water treatment system but happy to report that the easy water system is all it is reported to be. little or no spotting and no build up on fixtures at all.
what a relief to not have to go the expense of salt and the need to lug the 40 lb bags around. yay clear water!!

KARIN MCLEARN | Small Business Owner

No-Salt Conditioner


Doug is very easy to work with. He is knowledgeable about water treatment and is endlessly patient in explain the benefits of the system and answering all questions about his service and product. This is an excellent option and the installments are handled professionally and efficiently. Highly, highly recommend.


No-Salt Conditioner, Toxin Shield Cartridge, RevitaLife


I initially purchased the EW1100, but my water was hard enough that I was still having hard water problems. I called in and upgraded to the EW2200 and the results have been great ever since. I no longer have a clicking sound coming from my water heater, and the flaky build-up on my faucet aerators is gone. Your service was good and your response was great. In my opinion, the real goal of good water treatment is that it’s doing its job, and it’s invisible. I forget my system is there, and that’s the idea.



No-Salt Conditioner


We are so pleased with our EasyWater system!! We are already noticing a big difference in our water. I don’t know if it makes any sense, but it seems to me that the water is somehow “wetter”. I really notice a difference when I’m washing dishes by hand or cleaning anything with water. In any case, it’s wonderful. This morning, I ran my dishwasher for the first time since the install, and our dishes came out beautifully…and that was without the LemiShine!! Thanks so much!! I will be telling all of my neighbors about EasyWater!!




No-Salt Conditioner



Originally I had my doubts about the EasyWater system, but this past year I have begun to notice that our water faucets are no longer clogged or clogging and it’s not because I’ve cleaned them either!!! The EasyWater machine is working and now that we have moved into a new house in the city, I am taking my EasyWater machine with me!!!!! Actually, we plan on being in the house for 3 years, when we leave here for Texas, Louisiana or Florida, Easy Water goes with us!!!! Will not be without it and the support you’ve given me in regard to moving the machine is and has been outstanding. I will recommend the EasyWater system to anyone and everyone who is in search of really great water and clean pipes!!!!! And I want all to know that this letter was not solicited in anyway, I volunteered it because I believe in the system due to the outstanding results.


So Excited to Go Salt Free

We purchased a salt free device from Clear Water about 5 months ago and so far it has been AWESOME. I could tell a difference in a couple of days. The best part is that it uses no salt. I’ve always been a bit concerned about all of the salt that goes into our aquifers. I would highly recommend Doug and his crew to anyone looking for clean, soft water.

Randy Bryan

I was reluctant to try the Easy Water Salt Free System but Dougs confidence in the device convinced me to take a chance. Thanks goodness I did. I no longer have to lug 40 lb bags of salt home or pay for a service to do this and happily the system works great. Thanks Doug. If you are considering trying Easy Water then don’t hesitate. You will be pleased. Clear Water installed the system in my newly constructed home and after six months I’ve no regrets.

Madelyn Osborne
Home Owner

Good System, Low Maintenance

We’ve been very happy with our Clear Water system thus far. Doug was super helpful in getting us set up and the system works great with zero maintenance. I would definitely recommend this system.

Matthew Buchanan
The Leaning Pear
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