Since science has allowed human beings to study even the simplest of things, an emphasis has been placed on the sufficient consumption of water. Not drinking enough water can carry a multitude of consequences that result from dehydration. Some of the consequences are truly adverse and open to door to treatments far more complicated and expensive than chugging an ice cold glass of the fluid of life. While the benefits of drinking H20 are endless, some of them are too good to pass up.


As the importance of maintaining a healthy weight becomes public knowledge, so does the importance of water into the weight-loss equation. Studies have shown that those who consume at least two glasses of water before each meal over the course of three months lose four more pounds than those who do not drink water regularly. Water fills you up and prevents you from overeating. It also speeds up your metabolism. Experts recommend consuming four cups of water for every fifty pounds of weight.


Part of the reason people feel animosity towards the heat is a result of becoming more dehydrated when being exposed to it. Basically, you want to enjoy summer activities, but the temperatures keep you in the AC. Adequate H2O consumption replaces fluids that humans lose when they sweat. Replacing these fluids improves heat tolerances and makes outdoor activities more bearable.


Water is a colon cleansing, healthy digestion promoting guru. Water increases the metabolic rate of the body and stimulates the circulation of nutrients and vitamins within the body. This circulation encourages the excretion of toxins found in the digestive tract as well. Using a salt-free water softener greatly contributes to this process by avoiding harmful or unnecessary minerals from entering the body during water consumption altogether. A healthy digestive tract does everything from maintaining a healthy weight and combating cancer and other illnesses, to balancing hormone levels and reducing bloating.


Due to the frequency of urination by consuming a lot of water, carcinogens never get the chance to build up in the urinary tract or other vital areas in the body. Research has demonstrated that those with a sufficient water intake are less likely to contract bladder, kidney, breast, and colon cancers.


The cartilage that surrounds bones is roughly eighty-five percent water. Of course, this cartilage protects bones and joints, and requires sufficient moisture received from water to stay supple and healthy. Stiff joints are less likely when the rubbery material protecting them is well hydrated.


Some of the most healthy and delicious foods are made up of mostly water. Regularly eating fruits like apples and pears promotes hydration, and provides the body with vitamins essential in balancing moods, fighting off harmful free radicals, and ensuring healthy bodily processes. The natural sugars and salts found in fruits and vegetables increase the longevity of hydration as well.

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