What Is A Water Softener? What Problems Can Hard Water Cause?

A water softener is a device that softens hard water. What is hard water you may be wondering? It is water that contains hardness minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These hard minerals cause scale to buildup over time in pipes, on faucets, tubs, shower stalls and inside appliances that use water such as washing machines. The mineral scales damages piping, restricts water flow and reduces the lifespan of appliances such as water heaters and dishwashers.

How Does A Water Softener Prevent Buildup Of Scale?

In a water softener system, incoming hard water comes into contact with a mineral mixture called a resin. This resin attracts hardness minerals and eliminates them from water that will be piped to your appliances. Eventually, the resin mineral mixture will become saturated with hardness minerals. At this point the resin mixture will have to be regenerated.

What Is Regeneration In A Water Softener System?

Regeneration refers to the flushing out of hardness materials from the resin mineral mixture in the water softener system. This is accomplished by flushing the resin mixture with a salt brine solution. The salt bags you buy every couple of months are used to create the salt brine that flushes the resin free of hardness minerals.

How Often Should A Water Softener Regenerate?

The water softener should regenerate when the resin mixture is saturated and can no longer remove hardness minerals from the water. There are two kinds of water regeneration systems found in water softener appliances. The first kind automatically begins a regeneration cycle when it senses that the resin is saturated. This is called a demand regeneration system. The second type of water generation system regenerates at a specified period of time. This is typically once a week or every two weeks, depending on the programming. Demand regeneration systems are considered to be more efficient than time programmed regeneration systems. This is because in a demand system, regeneration only takes place when it is needed. This is in contrast to the time triggered system, where regeneration takes place whether it is needed or not.

The Alternative To A Water Softener That Can Save You Money

Clearwater of San Marcos offers a revolutionary new way of preventing scale buildup associated with hard water. This is through the EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner device. With this salt-free water softener, you will never have to buy any more bags of salt. This alone should save you hundreds of dollars per year in maintenance costs associated with a water softener system.

The EasyWater No-Salt conditioner device works in the following way. Instead of a resin mixture attracting hardness minerals in your water and then being flushed with a salt brine solution constantly, this device uses electronic frequencies to alter the state of hardness minerals found in your water. The frequencies change the hardness minerals, such as calcium and magnesium’s composition, so that they don’t stick to the plumbing anymore. Thus, the problems of scale are eliminated without the need for a water softener system. You will also save money on your water and sewage bill since the regeneration cycle is eliminated with the salt-free water softener device.