You already know about the benefits of having the water in your home softener, either through a traditional water softener, or through an environmentally friendly salt-free water conditioner. However, some homes, especially those whose water comes from a well, may need more than just a softener.

Do You Need a Whole-House UV System?

Whole-house UV systems have helped countless residences all around the United States. These systems give people access to drinking water that’s fresh, clean, and healthy. Whole-house UV systems are known as POE (point-of-entry) systems. Water softening on its own is not always a great option for homes.

If you get your drinking water from a well, you may be a good candidate for a whole-house UV system. That’s because private wells frequently have significant degrees of metals found in their water. They often have substantial amounts of contaminants of all varieties, for that matter. These contaminants have the ability to harm the purity of your drinking water. They, because of that, may even be able to harm your health. Water softeners can minimize or eliminate the hardness of water. They can’t, however, do away with the microbiologic contaminants that are so common inside of private wells.

The Advantages of Whole-House UV Systems

Installation and Maintenance

There are quite a few noteworthy advantages that are connected to whole-house UV systems. These systems don’t call for a substantial amount of maintenance. Usually the only maintenance they require is occasional replacement of the UV lamp. Whole-house UV systems are also a piece of cake to install. Drains aren’t necessary for installation purposes. These systems don’t squander precious water in any way, making them friendly toward the environment.

The Experience of UV Treated Water

As for your in-home experience, whole-house UV systems don’t negatively affect the flavor of your drinking water. They don’t influence its smell, either. Whole-house UV systems enable people to consume water that feels fresh and pleasant. They enable people to bathe in water that’s just as enjoyable and reliable. These things can lead to all sorts of benefits. Whole-house UV systems can even do wonders for people who wish to reap the rewards of hair that feels luxurious and silky. It can even help peoples’ complexions. If you want your skin to feel smooth and youthful, a whole-house UV system may do the trick.

Health Benefits

In addition to helping your hair and skin feel smoother, the real importance of a whole-house UV system is its benefits for your and your family’s health. For those using a well, or other water source with possible contaminants, whole-house UV systems can turn the water in your home from a risk to a pleasure.

Clean and fresh water is beyond important in modern society. All people have the right to water that’s both safe and dependable. If you want to invest in a salt-free water softener anywhere in the beautiful Central Texas region, contact Clear Water of San Marcos, located in San Marcos, TX.