As Texas homeowners, many of you have faced the struggle regarding whether or not to purchase a water softener or conditioner. You have probably heard many times about the importance they can have in your home, for your health and for the life of your appliances. However, water softeners are a financial investment and researching the ongoing costs of maintaining one can help you prepare for the possible expenses. In addition to this, if the ongoing costs of a water softener are discouraging, there are also other options available, such as water conditioners, which are discussed below.

Ongoing Costs and Maintenance


When purchasing a traditional water softener, homeowners should be aware of the costs of ongoing maintenance as well as the initial price tag. In order to maintain the system there are two main things that you are going to need fairly often: consumable salt and consistent unit service. Keep these costs in mind when searching for the right water softener as they do add up. According to Industry Standard, the average family of four will need to obtain a forty pound bag of salt each month. That’s typically around $25 dollars each month added on to other expenses.


Servicing is not as pressing of an expense because most water softeners only need to be checked once every one to two years. However, this maintenance does need to be done by a professional, and their time and the cost of repairs can add up. This can be especially painful if you bought a cheaper water softener in the beginning. While they may seem to be cheaper in the beginning, just like any other low priced option, the quality is often poorer, which means that your water softener will be weakened sooner and needed to be checked far more often than it would if you had purchased a more expensive and better quality version.

Alternatives to Water Softeners: Water Conditioners

As mentioned above, sometimes the initial cost of a water softener, plus the additional costs of maintaining it, can be discouraging. If you don’t feel that a traditional water softener is right for your home, you should consider purchasing a salt-free water softener instead. A salt-free water softener is far less expensive and because it works in a far different way than salt-based water softeners, by changing the form of the minerals instead of using salt that has to be replaced, it gives the water a much slicker feel. This is usually ideal for many people looking for an alternative to constantly buying bottled water.

In the end the choice is up to you. While some people prefer traditional water softeners that utilize salt, many decide to use the salt-free water conditioner as an environmentally friendly alternative with fewer maintenance costs. If you would like more information about water softeners and conditioners, visit Clear Water of San Marcos, located in San Marcos, TX.