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How do Water Softeners Impact the Environment?

People are becoming more aware of the effects that water softeners have on our environment. They love their soft water but are more conscious of how healthy it is for the environment, themselves, their pets, and their plants. If you live in an area with hard water, then you know the problems it can cause. Stains on the sinks and tub, dull laundry, and more. Traditional water softening systems are a good solution but not for the environment.

Most traditional systems use ions to add sodium that removes the minerals that make the water hard. The problem is, too much sodium can be harmful to your health and to the environment. Traditional water softeners discharge sodium chloride as run off into the environment, potentially contaminating rivers and streams. In addition, water softeners automatically clean out by flushing the system regularly with water. This uses a lot of salt and water and is wasteful. Many neighborhoods are now prohibiting water softeners that use sodium chloride because the water treatment plants cannot handle the load.

Finding a Solution

Luckily, for environmentally conscious homeowners who are still dealing with hard water in their homes, there are alternatives to traditional water softeners. Many water treatment systems have found new ways to condition water without having to use salt in the system. Below are just a few of the options for treating your water without harming the environment or wasting unnecessary water.

Salt-Free Water Conditioning System

Water softening is a process of ion exchange that removes the minerals (magnesium and calcium) that make water hard and harmful to appliances in your home. This exchange is usually done with sodium chloride. A salt-free water conditioning system does not use salt or remove the minerals. The system instead changes the minerals chemically so they don’t stick to surfaces and appliances in your home instead. This is water conditioning and is not harmful to the environment.

Magnetic Water Treatment Systems

Magnetic water treatment devices have no sodium chloride in them and do not harm the environment. They are designed to treat hard water for residential and commercial use. There are many benefits to this alternative when the device is installed properly. Strong magnets are placed inside the pipe along with a steel frame to magnify the flux density inside the pipe. This results in better water and a better environment.

Electronic Descaler Water Conditioner

An Electronic Descaler Water Conditioner is installed on the outside of the pipe leading to your water tank. A simple coil is wrapped around the pipe and connected to microprocessors and signal processors. This method creates a frequency modulated waveform. Then a fluctuating electric field is directed into the water churning the water molecules to release carbon dioxide and causing precipitating calcium bicarbonate. This precipitation causes the crystals to stick to other natural ions in the water. These ions stay suspended in the water until dispensed down the drain. Then the water dissolves scale deposits and carries them away, cleansing the water system without harmful chemicals or sodium.

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