Soft Water Benefits for Hair, Skin & More

There are many health benefits of soft-water when it is consumed internally, but often overlooked are the benefits it can have on your external body. Your skin and hair are greatly affected by your choice of hard-water versus soft-water. Following is a discussion of some of the benefits your skin and hair receive when you use soft-water for processes like bathing or washing your hands.

No Soap Residue

Hard water and soap do not mix well because the soap reacts with minerals in hard water creating the filmy residue often felt after the skin has dried. This sticky residue also leaves your pores clogged, inevitably doing damage to your skin. Healthy pores allow the sebaceous oil, produced within glands in the skin, to be expelled and they act as a glue which sticks to dead skin cells to shed them and keep your skin healthy and clear. When pores are clogged, as they are with the build-up of minerals when hard-water is used to bathe, skin is unable to experience this process and becomes prone to dryness and acne. Often we try to combat this sticky, pore-clogging effect by using more soap, but the problem is not the soap, it is the water.

A water softener removes most of the minerals in the water, allowing it to react properly with the soap. When using a water softener, the soap can lather up well and you prevent clogging your skin, leaving with smooth, clear skin. Added benefits of soft water on your skin are that it requires you to use much less soap, saving you money in the long run. Also, when you leave your skin unclogged and clean, it is able to keep more moisture throughout the day and absorb any moisturizers you apply much more easily.

Improved Hair Oil Balance

In a similar manner, hard-water negatively affects your hair. When hard water meets your scalp, it causes your hair cuticles, the shell like part of your hair made of several layers of cells, to stand up. The effect most resembles that of scales. When your hair is healthy all the scales lie seamlessly together, like a snake. When your hair is unhealthy, due to hard-water use, it lies more like you would picture the scales of a dragon, staggered and jagged. This causes your hair to feel rough and dry and allows it to break or split much more easily. Essentially, when you wash your hair with hard-water, you are stripping it of the necessary oils used to keep it healthy.

As discussed earlier, water softeners take most of the minerals out of the water, allowing the water to leave the oils your hair needs to remain healthy, strong and shiny. Considerably less shampoo and conditioner is needed when washing your hair with soft-water and avoiding those harsh minerals, because your hair is able to maintain its own oil balance much better on its own.

Not only does this save you money on basic hair care products, but also on other products as well. Because your hair is all around healthier when using soft-water, it is less frizzy and has more volume and shine naturally. This cuts out the need for products like detangler, defrizzer, gel, and even hair spray. The reduction and even removal of some or all of these products from your hair care routine saves you not only a lot of money, but a lot of time in your morning routine.

Less Need for Products

From skin health to hair health, your wallet, your clock and your body can benefit greatly from the removal of harsh minerals in your water. Eliminating the need for extra products and maintaining the natural health of your body is always the way to go and is easily accomplished through an easy switch from hard-water to soft-water.

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