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If you have been living with hard water and have recently installed a water softener, you may be in for a surprise regarding your washing habits. From hand soap to laundry detergent, hard water makes it difficult to get suds forming, and you may be used to adding more soap than you really need.

Hand Soap

When choosing a hand soap to use in your home, consider a pure soap. Pure soaps can be liquid, but should be as free of perfume and dyes as possible. Many popular brands of soap include additives meant to make them more effective when used with hard water. Now that you have soft water in your home, these additives are not necessary and can make rinsing the soap off difficult.

Aside from liquid hand soap, if you are used to using bar soap, look for a type of synthetic soap. These can usually be identified by their name. Since synthetic soaps are not the same as regular soaps, they are usually labeled differently. Instead of a soap bar, they might be labeled as a beauty bar. These are sold by several different brands, and are very effective to use with soft water. These will also minimize the feeling that the soap is difficult to wash off.

Dish Soap

Now that you have soft water in your home, you will find that you will not need quite as much dish soap as you are used to using. Some studies have shown that the amount of dish soap needed can be cut by as much as half when used with soft water. In addition, you may be familiar with dishes coming out of the dishwasher with light white streaks and drips on them. These could be removed by using a rinsing agent. Running your dishes with soft water will give you streak free dishes and glass ware without the need for a rinsing agent. Forget the rinsing agent, and look for dish soaps that are free of scent and dye, as with pure hand soap, and remember that you will not have to use near as much.

Laundry Detergent

Having soft water in your home can help make your laundry routine easier as well. For example, you will most likely not need to add fabric softener to your laundry near as often. You will also be able to change your load settings from hot to cold and still get the same level of stain removal. Soft water will help your laundry detergent create suds while using less detergent altogether. Washing your laundry in soft water could lower the energy cost of using your washing machine, and lessen the amount of detergent you will need. You will also be free of needing to add fabric softeners to keep your clothes from coming out stiff and rough feeling.

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