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The problem of contaminated water has plagued the planet, and even the drinking and bathing water supplied to our homes is known to contain harmful bacteria, traces of industrial waste and even pharmaceuticals. These foreign particles may not be visible to eyes or may not be easily identified by taste, but their presence has been proved through various surveys taking place across the country, and the world at large. The problem of clean and pure drinking water and water that is used in the households for various reasons is real, and corrective measures should be taken to ensure the damage by hard or impure water is limited, or completely eliminated.

Well Water

Well water, once considered to be a clean source of water, is now not so because industrial and soil pollution has gone far beyond the water bed, contaminating water beyond imagination. A well is dug to get hold of water in areas where the water source is needed, and a good water test needed to check its quality. Where the well is dug, near a water body, on a flat land or in a hilly or mountainous region, decides how deep the well needs to be dug. It is generally high in mineral content and is categorized as very hard in most cases.

What is Hard Water?

When the water is impure or contains a large quantity of calcium, iron or magnesium, it is categorized as hard water. However, the hard water has many side effects upon usage, whether it is used for bathing or drinking. It can cause health issues, in the long run; skin issues may erupt abruptly, and suddenly, household pipes may get clogged, and the clothes might get yellowish stains in due course over a period due to impurity in water. To avoid these problems, a salt-free water softener is used.

What Is Water Softener?

A water softener is a machine unit which converts hard water to soft water by removing the minerals and ions. It also helps in removing excess amount of iron from the hard water. There are water softeners available that require salt for softening water, and then there are advanced softeners that are salt-free water softeners.

Function of Water Softener

Water softeners basically remove the positively charged ions from the water along with the calcium, magnesium, and iron. Water softeners available these days are mostly fully automatic, but there are semi-automatic and even manual water softeners available.

Durability of Water Softener

The water softeners are known to last for many years. The water softeners that were installed in the 1980s can still be seen in many homes because they are known to be durable and needs little maintenance, which is replenishing salt from time to time. Types of salt needed to soften water include rock salt, evaporated salt and solar salt.

Benefits of Installing Water Softener

There are many benefits of installing salt-free water softener at home. It is generally connected directly to the source of water supply. Here are the few benefits:

  • A salt free water softener does not require the salt to be replenished periodically.
  • The silverware, tiles, plumbing fixtures in households, mirrors, glassware, marbles installed in the floor, and other areas that are exposed to water regularly, look more shiny and cleaner.
  • There would be a visible difference in the quality of your hairs once you start using soft water. The skin too would start to feel smoother, softer and hydrated.
  • Cleaning home becomes easier as there would be no soap cures formed during cleaning. It also saves time and effort while cleaning the home.
  • The damage to appliances is restricted, and it also helps in saving on energy bills.
  • Soaps and shampoo dissolve faster, and less of them are required to get sufficient amount of foam.
  • The clothes would feel softer and cleaner after laundry.

These are the few benefits of installing a water softener, and if you are looking for a water softener unit, the one available with Clear Water San Marcos is highly recommended due to its innovative technology, high performance, and advanced features – providing great results at economical prices.

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